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Caution: If you do this with your eyes, then this serious disease can happen

Sanjeevni Today 12-10-2019 01:52 PM

Caution: If you do this with your eyes, then this serious disease can happen

Desk. Many eye diseases such as flu, swollen and tired red eyes, dry eyes, computer vision syndrome, etc. are seen more. Infections and bacteria are the cause of eye infections and diseases. But keratoconus is a disease in the transparent pupil (cornea) of the eye. There is a conical shape in the shape of the cornea. The problem of keratoconus is caused by one in two thousand people. In most cases the reason for this is not known. Repeated rubbing of the eyes due to eye allergies and dust and dirt can cause this disease. In addition, in the case of family history or Down syndrome, there is a high probability of having keratoconus.

Symptoms of the disease:
- Patients with keratoconus have problems seeing. The slant number of the glasses increases slowly and the person does not see clearly even after applying the glasses.

Due to this, the patient has difficulty in reading and writing, doing daily chores and driving vehicles. In this problem, sensitivity to light increases in the patient and he has to exert more stress while reading and writing. In some cases, patients may also see slant and two or more images.

Effective treatment
Nowadays the corneal collision cross linking with riboflavin (C3-R) technique is being used. Although this does not cure the problem of keratoconus, but the problem can be prevented from increasing. In this, the cornea is narrowed with ultraviolet rays.

During this time, the use of isotonic and hypotonic riboflavin drops (vitamin-B-2) increases the strength of collagen fibers of the cornea up to three hundred times. After this surgery, bandage contact lenses are placed which are removed after 5–10 days. In some cases, the patient may see blurring for 3-4 days, which is normal in a few days.

After surgery, to maintain the condition, increase the light and increase the slant number, doctor's advice can be applied daily. In addition, those who have difficulty applying and removing the lens repeatedly, permanently implant the toric contact lens (ICL), intrastromal corneal segment ring segment or toric intraocular lens.

Corneal topography examination of patients makes the diagnosis of the disease easy. Timely treatment can maintain eye light. Avoid repeatedly touching the eyes with dirty hands. If you have problems like itching, burning, or redness in the eyes, do not use eye drops voluntarily and see a specialist immediately.

More danger to them
Normally, men and women from the age of 14 to the age of 30 may have this problem because during this time there are hormonal changes in our body. On average, 90 percent of patients are prone to keratoconus in both eyes.

- If there is a problem of itching in eyes, see a specialist. If the slant number of glasses repeatedly changes, it can be a symptom of the disease. Contact a specialist.

 Keep these things in mind:
-Avoid strong light while driving, especially at night, because of the problem of keratoconus, as this may cause them to have blurry and two images. In such a situation, there is a possibility of accident.

- Patients suffering from this disease suffer more from allergies. So while going out of the house, use sunglasses.

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