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The lady with the blanket

Sneha Anant

Sanjeevni Today 02-08-2020 09:44 PM

I always had this urge to do something for the society and for the poor people.

 A real life story

I always had this urge to do something for the society and for the poor people. Once I came to know about an NGO named ‘Beautiful Tomorrow’ which worked for the welfare of society in different ways and aimed to make this world a beautiful place to live. It felt like my wishes and desires found a medium to be fulfilled. I joined it as soon as I can.

It was once when the members of the NGO had bought some blankets to distribute among the poor during winter season and every one kept 3-4 blankets with them so that whenever they find someone needy, they can give it to them. I had 4 blankets with me. I gave away two of them to the needy persons and had 2 blankets yet for further distribution. 

Then one day, I thought of the lady sweeper in my colony who used to come early in the morning, sweep the colony clean and pick and throw garbage from everyone’s house. In return she used to get Rs. 30 from some houses while Rs. 50 or Rs. 100 from some other (depending upon the will of people on how much they wished to pay her for the insignificant work she did). 

I decided to give one of the blankets to her. The next morning when she was sweeping in front of my house, I asked her to stay there while I went inside and came out with both the blankets. They were different in design. One was blue with white stripes on it and the other was red with blue flowers printed on it. I brought both the blankets so that she could choose the colour she preferred. I asked her to choose one. She looked at me with a little uncertainty because it was hard for her to believe that she can get something out of generosity. I tried to explain her that I kept it for her and once she accepted the fact she was filled with gratitude. 

Finally, she chortled and chose the red one saying, ‘red and blue are my favorite colours’. I handed the blanket to her. I never knew this gesture would be appreciated so much. She was so overwhelmed and her eyes were wet now. Tears started rolling down her cheeks. Her happiness flooded out and she hugged me with all her heart. Realising how a small gesture can influence someone so much, mine eyes were wet too.

It made me wonder, there is so much good to do in this world. People are craving for love everywhere; the love they expect from this world and the love they expect from each other. And as an individual, what we do? We are always so engrossed in our work, in our life, in our thoughts, that we hardly care for the love that exists in this beautiful world of God. All we have to do is just shower it and see the change. Happiness not always comes with money. It can come through love, care, gestures and actions. 

Do not wait for the world to change. Rise and shine. Be the individual who initiated, a stimulus who contributed in making this world a better place to live.

Author: Sneha Anant


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