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Catalan Police say detained at least 20 people during Wednesday protests across region

Sanjeevni Today 17-10-2019 01:41 PM

Catalan Police say detained at least 20 people during Wednesday protests across region

Moscow,  At least 20 people were detained during the Wednesday protests in the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia, regional police said on Thursday.

The protests in Catalonia have been underway since Monday when the Spanish Supreme Court handled prison terms of up to 13 years to nine out of 12 accused Catalan independence movement leaders. The demonstrations subsequently turned violent, resulting in dozens of people injured and detained. On Wednesday, radical protesters set up barricades, and set garbage cans and cars on fire in Barcelona.

"At least 20 people were detained [on Wednesday] across [Catalonia] over their suspected links to violent actions during various demonstrations and rallies," regional police, Mossos de Escuadra, wrote on their Twitter page.According to the 20minutos newspaper, the Wednesday protests left 41 people injured across Catalonia.

A total of 28 people sustained injuries in Barcelona, five more in Girona, three in Lleida, two in Manresa, one in Tarragona, Sils and Sallent municipalities each, the newspaper reported, citing regional emergency services.

More than 20,000 people reportedly joined the Wednesday wave of protests in the region. Some of them threw Molotov cocktails and bottles with acid at police officers.The Periodico newspaper reported that the Wednesday unrest left at least 24 police officers injured.

The protesters also blocked roads and railway lines in Catalonia. Several groups of protesters are heading from five Catalan cities for Barcelona to join the general strike, scheduled for Friday.

During the 2017 independence referendum, over 90 percent of those, who cast ballots, supported the secession of the region from Spain. However, since the vote has not been authorized by the central government, Madrid dissolved the regional authorities and detained the separatist leaders on various charges, including sedition and misuse of public funds.

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