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EU commissioner says Facebook not doing enough to fight online misinformation

Sanjeevni Today 29-10-2019 07:50 PM

EU commissioner says Facebook not doing enough to fight online misinformation

Moscow. EU Security Commissioner Julian King on Tuesday accused Facebook of not doing enough to combat the spread of misinformation and urged the company to be more active in deleting fake accounts following the company's report on combating false information on its platform.

Earlier in the day, the European Commission made public the first annual self-assessment from the companies that signed the 2018 Code of Practice on Disinformation adopted to stem the spread of misinformation online. Facebook is one of the signatories, along with Google, Mozilla, Twitter, and Microsoft.

"They [Facebook] are definitely affecting the flow, they are stopping some of this stuff being set up. But there is still quite a lot of this stuff there. It can have a disproportionate impact because a relatively small number of fake accounts can generate an enormous amount of activity," he told The Guardian newspaper.

The commissioner used as an example the recent European Election in which the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party gained 11 percent of the overall vote while dominating the political conversation in the German-speaking segment of Facebook.

"If a platform like Facebook with their resources and their knowledge can’t figure out that thousands of coordinated accounts with random two-letter names are suspicious and are engaging in this kind of activity in the context of the election, when we have put all that focus on it, then we still have some way to go," King added.

Facebook has received a considerable amount of criticism for rescinding its policy of fact-checking political advertising on the site in the beginning of this month, prompting a letter from hundreds of the company's employees, published on Monday, in which the employees strongly objected to the decision.

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