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New Zealand strengthens community vaccination to battle measles outbreaks

Sanjeevni Today 30-10-2019 11:53 AM

New Zealand strengthens community vaccination to battle measles outbreaks

Wellington, Trained community pharmacists in New Zealand will deliver MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccinations to people aged 16 and over in the latest step of the government's plan announced on Wednesday to battle measles outbreaks.
New Zealand Associate Minister of Health Julie Anne Genter said on Wednesday that 840 trained pharmacist vaccinators across New Zealand will be able to help immunise New Zealand communities against measles.
Genter is confident this approach will add tool in the fight against measles outbreaks.
"Pharmacist vaccinators played an important role in responding to the Northland meningococcal outbreak, providing more than 700 vaccines in that region so we know this is a system that works. Pharmacies are convenient, locally trusted locations for many people and will help get more people protected from measles," said Genter.
"Once they're contracted, pharmacists can vaccinate people over the age of 16. By making it easy for those over 16 to get vaccinated we will improve this group's immunity to measles."
A measles outbreak is currently in Auckland region. This year up until this Wednesday, there have been 1,957 confirmed cases of measles notified across New Zealand, with 1,581 confirmed cases in the Auckland region.

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