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Nigerian Air Force kills scores of Boko Haram militants

Sanjeevni Today 04-11-2019 10:41 AM

Nigerian Air Force kills scores of Boko Haram militants

Lagos. In a big blow to terror group Boko Haram, The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has destroyed the terror group's one of hideouts in the northeastern Nigerian state of Borno, killing several militants, an NAF spokesperson said.

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The Boko Haram hideout involved was on the fringes of the Lake Chad in northern Borno. The operation by the air force also led to the deaths of several Boko Haram militants, NAF spokesperson Ibikunle Daramola told Xinhua on Sunday.

According to intelligence reports, the group used the settlement to launch attacks against security forces, the spokesperson added.

The airstrike on Friday was launched after an NAF intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance mission spotted some Boko Haram vehicles in the area, and a follow-up attack was carried out Saturday after significant activity was observed in another part of the settlement, Daramola said.

The NAF, according to Daramola, will continue to destroy the remnants of the Boko Haram terrorists by cooperating with surface forces, Xinhua further reported.

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