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Rome Expresses Strong Condemnation of Offensive in Syria to Turkish Ambassador

Sanjeevni Today 11-10-2019 10:02 AM

Rome Expresses Strong Condemnation of Offensive in Syria to Turkish Ambassador

Rome. The Italian Foreign Ministry expressed on Thursday its firm condemnation of Ankara's military offensive in Syria to the Turkish ambassador in Rome.Earlier in the day, Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Do Maio summoned the Turkish ambassador to Italy in protest over the ongoing operation. The ambassador was received by Marina Sereni, the deputy minister for foreign affairs and international cooperation, who at their meeting firmly condemned Ankara's actions in Syria's northeast, according to a statement released by the Italian Foreign Ministry.

Sereni stressed that such actions undermined results achieved in the struggle against the Islamic State terrorist group (IS, banned in Russia) by members of the international coalition, which included both Italy and Turkey.The deputy foreign minister also stated that the military operation could lead to serious humanitarian consequences and the civilian population should be protected.

On Wednesday, Turkey started Operation Peace Spring against Kurdish fighters as well as the IS to neutralize alleged terror threats against Turkey and establish a safe zone.The Turkish offensive in northern Syria has been condemned as aggression by Damascus. Russia has called on Turkey to assess the situation in order not to hamper earlier efforts to settle the Syrian crisis.

The operation has also been met with criticism from regional countries and blocs, including the Arab League, and Western states, including European Union members.


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