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Turkey rearing might help to meet the demand of meat: Veteran newspaper agent took up the effort

Sanjeevni Today 03-11-2019 12:32 PM

Turkey rearing might help to meet the demand of meat: Veteran newspaper agent took up the effort

Ambassa, The state of Tripura still falls short of meeting its demand of animal protein and resolving unemployment where rearing of birds like Turkey might help a great deal as an aged newspaper hawker experimentally has started the same at Kalachari area in Dhalai district here.

The state is orchestrating and executing several measures to be sufficient with meat for the last two or three decades. But the outcome of these projects and schemes has yet to produce some joyous yell. The efforts are mainly confined in the rearing of broiler chickens. And it has become somewhat customary.

Besides, even after proper vaccination some seasonal diseases and epidemic like avian influenza pose a great threat to rearing. On the contrary, birds like Turkey is traditionally being reared in the states like Mizoram and Meghalaya for decades without any difficulties. Now, one aged newspaper hawker from the subdivision Pran Kumar Das has started rearing Turkey as a mere experiment here. His two sons have been well affluent by rearing broiler chicks.

One of them Palash Das has remarked, "We are involved in the trade after enthusiasm from father since 1998. But the problem we face is the seasonal diseases, occasional lack of chicks and feeds. My father has started rearing Turkey. We want to see its impact and market possibility".

Pran Kumar Das remarks, "I have started it just as an experiment. The bird is being fed on the leftover of our food and broiler feed. The growth is outstanding. In seven months it has become seven kilograms. And the person of Mizoram from whom we have procured the eggs and hatched here has said that it will be up to 15 to 16 kgs within 10 months. It means better growth than broiler chickens".
Now, if the Animal Resource Development Department (ARDD) considers this prospect than it might help to meet the demand of meat as well as might help to redress unemployment.

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